I'm in love with imaginary people! John Sheppard, The Doctor, David Creegan, Patrick Jane, Sherlock Holmes, Castiel, Darien Fawkes, Gary Hobson, Chance Harper, Jake Green, John Crighton... you know, all the hotties with the sad puppy dog eyes. I just want to fawn all over them. The chicks: River Tam, Kaylee Frye, Illiria, Rose Tyler, Amelia Pond, Max Guevara, Willow, Areyn Sun. I want to be these bitches.

I make gifs and icons, reblog my favorite posts, dabble in art and css design, and rant about random shit here and there. You can use any of my gifs and icons however you like. Just make sure they are MY gifs and not something I reblogged or iconized. Some of my good art is at mercave.deviantart.com. I don't really go there or make much these days, but have a look see at my old stuff. Feel free to invade my ask box and enjoy the drool.

You may want to resize the images or remove the block quote when you reblog me. :P


Karl Urban Gif Dump

Behold le Urban. These are all alternate versions of crap I already posted or they’re here because I’ve seen these scenes gifted better. :P

Farewell fair Urban. I will miss you… until we gif again. :P

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