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I’m Back Bitches!

Someone tell me what I missed. It’s been so long since I had this magical internet box. *hugsnuggleslobberss modem*

Anonymous asked
How do you make the icons work for your themes? I'm using your blue lace theme now and the icons aren't working. :/

Sorry about that. I no longer have the internet at home and on my new computer so I cannot correct these things right now. If my situation changes and I can get the internet, I will come back to tumblr and fix all my languishing websites. Sucks to be me. :P

awkpeopleproblems-deactivated20 asked
whats the code for your pink lace dashboard theme?

Go to the stylish website where it’s kept, http://userstyles.org/styles/48606/pink-lace-tumblr-dashboard , and click on show code at the bottom. :)

smokinganunlitcigarette asked
Hello there! I need your help :) I wanted to put the pink lace theme, but before I tried with one of the Hunger Games and one of Justin Bieber. Now, the bg is Hunger Games, the font is Justin Bieber and the thingy with "Photo, video, text, etc" is pink lace theme.. What can I do? :)

Do a hard refresh to get the old theme out of your cache. On PC, hit ctrl and F5 at the same time. But you should be aware that my theme hasn’t been updated for the new tumblr. I’ve got a brand new pc but I’m still working out the kinks. It’s going to be a while yet before I update the theme. :) :) :)

darlingdorothy asked
Hi there. I just wanted to ask you a question about your pink lace theme. I seem to have trouble with it when I tried to install another dashboard theme, it still appeared. Now, I have the tinypic message, "this image or video has been moved or deleted" all over my dashboard, and when I tried to install another dashboard theme nothing changed, I'm still seeing the tinypic message as my dashboard theme. If you could help me out that would be great! :) Thanks so much, bye :)

Because my computer crashed during spring break, I can’t fix my themes right now. If you uninstalled the theme (or replaced the theme with another) and you are still seeing problems, it just means that your browser is pulling the images from cache. Do a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl and F5 at the same time on a PC. Google ‘hard refresh’ if you are using something else. :) :) :)

Computer Crash

Yes. Right when I need it most, my computer has died. No blue screen of death. No screen at all. I’ll try to get the dashboard theme fixed based on comments but I’ll be unable to test the results here at school. I’ll let you know tonight. :) :) :)

ohnemitleid asked
Hi. It seems there are more than one person reporting issues with your dashboard styles since the tumblr update. I found the solution, but for some odd reason, the style itself needs to be altered and cannot be overridden with an outside style. Anyway, here is the discussion and solution link forumDOTuserstyleDOTorg/discussion/30336

Thank you! I’ll look that up tonight and get it fixed. I’ve certainly received a lot of questions about it. :)

kattcampos asked
I added your pink lace theme to my dash, when I tried to post something the links weren't working. Can you help?

Which links were malfunctioning? Was it the dashboard map or something inside the text box? It looks like tumblr may have updated the dashboard since I’ve been away. I’ll bring my files to school tomorrow and see if I can’t recreate the problem and get it fixed. :)

Hells to the yes. I must use that phrase today. :P

I try to explain “Bob, get back in your skull” to my friends, but no one ever gets it…
I need more friends that watch The Dresden Files.

Hells to the yes. I must use that phrase today. :P


I try to explain “Bob, get back in your skull” to my friends, but no one ever gets it…

I need more friends that watch The Dresden Files.

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Anonymous asked
For your lace dashboard themes are you going to do any other colors? Maybe a black/white one? Or Purple? Or a custom color for someone?

I’m very open to doing custom colors and I’ll certainly roll out a black and white one soonest. Only problem right now is that I just moved and I can’t get internet at home yet. There are instructions within the style on how to tweak the colors. If it’s all greek to you, just hit me up again with your request. You can even include a picture you want the colors based on if it’s really specific. No problemo. :)

Person of Interest 1.01 Pilot Review

Person of Interest is the newest bad-ass show from J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan starring Jesus himself, Jim Caviezel. His partner in crime is one of our favorite Abrams’ alums, Ben Linus… I’m sorry, Michael Emerson rather. The show doesn’t waste any time getting to the point. Software programmer and mysterious rich guy, Finch (played by Emerson), created a machine that tracks every person in New York and alerts the government of terrorist plots. If the threats aren’t large enough, however, it deletes the information at midnight. The irrelevant list, as it’s called, contains only the social security number of a central figure in the plot. It’s up to Finch and newly hired, presumed dead spy, Reese, to find out if this person is the victim or the perpetrator and stop the crime from ever happening. To call this show a procedural drama would be a crime against perfection. Io9 describes it as a “Superhero show done right.” Anders claims the super power in this superhero drama is the power to know the future. That may be true. I’m more inclined to believe it fulfills that sweet, sweet niche of spy thriller come vigilante adventure. The delicious espionage drips off the screen with beautiful surveillance shots spliced into every scene, an overuse of cell phone cloning, and various means of tracking their targets. Spoilers ahead, but I won’t give away the end.


  The central players in this spy-fest are introduced right up front. Detective Carter (Taraji Henson) meets Reese after he’s semi-arrested for opening a can of whoop-ass on some mobster kids trying to steal his booze. She’s smart as a whip and recognizes him as some kind of ex-special forces guy in need of some help. Carter swipes his prints off a plastic cup and finds out he has a not-so-boring past five seconds before he’s swept away by one of Finch’s henchmen. An initial attempt at recruitment fails and Reese escapes, regrettably losing his beautiful hobo beard in the process. The first ten minutes is far too early to lose that beard if you ask me. I mean, I know the guy needs to change his appearance. That’s standard protocol for spies on the run. But that beard was fantastic and it was all for not in the end. He promptly passes out and wakes up in another hotel room chained to a bed and told to listen to a woman dying next door. It’s a dramatic and beautiful scene, and then the game is on.

    The “irrelevant” of the week is Diane Hanson played by Natalie Zea. You may know Natalie as Raylan’s ex-wife on Justified. She’s a prosecutor that finds out the guy she’s going after in court, Lawrence Pope, may be innocent after all. Is her co-council and ex lover trying to kill her? Is it Pope’s gang? Maybe it’s the corrupt cops that set Pope up. This is where we are introduced to the fourth player, corrupt cop and smart ass detective, Lionel Fusco. You’re going to fall in love with this guy, but not just yet. The irrelevant story is short and sweet, devoting most of the episode’s time to introducing the machine and the set up.


   Reese’s background isn’t all that interesting. It’s full of glammy flashbacks of him quitting the army rangers for his lover before the 9/11 attack on New York. There are references to her death in a car wreck while he’s half way across the world so obviously the man went back to fight for his country. He tells one bad guy that he travelled the world looking for bad guys while there were plenty right here. The dude is seriously bad ass. When he kicks Fusco’s ass, he asks him if he has a vest on, then lays him down with a few shots in the back. Such a beautiful bonding moment right there. I mean, it worked for Raylan and Boyd. Why not Reese and Fusco? Finch claims to know exactly everything about Reese. He said he realized there was a disparity between what Finch knows about Reese and what Reese knows about Finch. He knows Reese will try to fill that gap but he warns, “I’m a very private person.” That’s foreshadowing to the tenth degree, people. Reese wastes no time trying to figure Finch out.

    Finch is the mysterious rich guy that built the machine. His purpose was preventing the next 9/11 and so he taught it to sort future loss of life as relevant or irrelevant. After his guilty conscious and perhaps some personal tragedy not yet revealed, he decided to use his back door into the program to access the irrelevant list and try to save lives. But he couldn’t do it alone. He’s just a computer guy. He had to find someone like Reese. Finch is presumed dead. He walks around with very little mobility in his neck, back, and legs. His flashbacks reveal complete mobility during his machine building days. I’m just going to throw this out there. Finch finished the machine and the government decided to off him. That’s not all, though. Wait for it now. Are you ready? He was IN the car with Reese’s ex lover! Yes! Mystery solved! No need to thank me. Okay. So anyways, Finch built the machine, built a back door in to turn it off just in case he felt the thing was being misused, and then got fake killed. Now he gets social security numbers and wants to do something about it. Hence, the hiring of Reese. They also work out of a trashed library that “doesn’t exist.” All those books on the floor make me sad. *Le cry*

    So let me know what you think of the pilot. Spot anything significant I missed? Disagree? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to tell your friends, WATCH THIS SHIT! Mercave out. (EVERYONE, PLEASE TEAR THIS REVIEW APART. I’M LEARNING SO LET ME KNOW WHAT’s CRAPPY ABOUT AND ALL THAT. *HUGS* :P PPS. You can comment better on my livejournal if you need to. mercave.livejournal.com :))

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I’m going to watch every episode of Person of Interest again…

and then I’m going to write episode reviews on them.

Let’s see if this writing class I just finished did me any good. :P

You know what we need?


An all encompassing website where people can exclaim about what just happened in Dead Like Me’s episode 103 or Journeyman 113… months or years after everyone else has moved on. You can read and write reviews and chat with people watching @ the same time.

A community of eternal fangirls/fanboys, if you will.

What the fuck. That’s what tumblr is.


I just watched Person of Interest.



All of it. Every episode. I’m in love.

I need to find things to reblog now. (Cannot wait to get my gif making stuff back. Yeesh)

Another convert…

Oh my god! What is that?